Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gobble Gobble!!

It's the week of Thanksgiving!! I do love Thanksgiving because I am reminded of all the things that I have in my life to be Thankful for! Not that we are not Thankful everyday, but Thanksgiving is just special! Our family spends the day at the Lebanon Rescue Mission, the kids get to serve the meal to those that come in and they love to do this, after they are done eating, the shelter guests then return the favor and serve us! It has been such a blessing to be part of that and I am Thankful that we are able to have this as part of our family tradition. In the evening we attend a celebration at a dear friends home, this family invited us to be part of their Thanksgiving the first year we came to this church and since then we have attended each year, it is so nice to be part of the Family of God because no matter where we are, family is near!! One of the things we do each night before we pray with the kiddos is ask them Happy/Sad/Thankful about their day, so no matter how lousy you think your day has been you can always find a happy/sad/thankful in it!! I challenge you to try this each evening!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't blink...

Don't blink...I have heard this song so many times and whenever I hear it I tear up a little bit...Today, it really hit me. Today Josh woke up and came into the kitchen carrying all his stuffed animals and said Mom where can I donate these, I don't want them anymore *gasp* he didn't want "giraffe" anymore?? The Giraffe he made when he was five years old while visiting his aunt in Az., the same giraffe that he has slept with everyday since then, he didn't want him anymore?? *tears* I think this is a big moment, he's growing up.....Don't blink...


Wow, I am hanging my head in shame....I have not scrapped since September!! And I do believe that if there was a bible for scrapbookers that would be a sin.. Thankfully I have been redeamed, yesterday I scrapped!! Well, I made cards but I used my scrap stuff :) Here is a small sample of my latest card creations! enjoy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anniversary Getaway...

Hi! It has been way to long since my last post. Since that time my sweet husband got me the new cricut expression!!! Oh yes he did!! Now, can anyone give me instruction on how to use it? LOL And we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary in Havre De Grace Md. Where the Susquehanna meets the Chesapeake. It was so beautiful and relaxing to getaway for a few days just the two of us and a jacuzzi built for two....I'll spare any details!! Here is the Concord Point Light House and a pic of the B&B the Vandiver Inn. I had so much fun taking pictures, but it's easy when you have such beautiful surroundings! I'll add a funny one, we could not resist to take a pic of our 'lil blue blessing next to an old ship rudder! LOL It's tiny but mighty and I love our car!! ta ta for now, I have lot's to report!