Saturday, August 1, 2009


Webster’s Dictionary defines Quirk as: a peculiar trait

I have been called many things, but never peculiar, at least not to my face!! But I just realized something, I have a quirk!! OK so I’m sure I have many, many quirks but this one just hit me tonight. It’s not a big deal really, sorta silly but it’s what I do, every time. So here is my big quirk, when I get a new scrappin magazine I first go thru it quickly, just breeze thru and pull out all the lil postcard thingies. Then I let it sit for a few days, then I go thru it slower and look at the layouts. Then it’s sits for a few more days, and then finally I read it word for word , cover to cover!! After that, well I rip pages out and do whatever and pass it on to the next crazy scrapper!!

So why am I so inclined to write this down? Well I don’t know exactly, but it made me think, what else do I do, all the time, without fail? I make lists, ohhhh I love making lists. Grocery lists, birthday gift lists, Christmas lists, daily chore lists etc… If there is a need to write something down, I make a list. There is something about crossing things off a list! I feel so, I don’t know, accomplished?? And if I should make a list, say a grocery list, and I have to cross something off before I go to the grocery store, well I make a totally new list. AND if I go to the store and come home and cross stuff off and still have other stores to go to, then I have to make another new list!

And coupons, oh my don’t even get me started with coupons!! I have this crazy thing that I cannot buy something without a coupon! Now if it’s a life and death situation (like bath and body works hand soap) then I will give some wiggle room, it at least has to be on SALE! It drives my Josh crazy! But I think he’s learning how to be frugal and thrifty. Either that or when he’s on his own he’s going to go hog wild and buy everything he’s ever wanted regardless of coupons or sales!! Ohhh I hope not! That’s all I have for now!!