Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GREAT taste...NO pain!

So much has changed the last few months….our meal plan is the biggest of all changes. Dave had another bout of intestinal issues and we decided NO MORE MEDICINE, the antibiotics they give are extremely toxic and cause a slew of other problems and we decided ENOUGH!

And so the searching began. Dear friends at church led us to some books called “Great Taste No Pain” we ordered those books and after reading and researching we decided to give this a try. Basically you can’t eat a protein combined with a starch, Hellooo that’s the American diet, meat and potatoes!! But for those that suffer with many of the intestinal diseases those combinations are painful!! We also started looking into GMO genetically modified foods and what all of that means and decided it was time we become aware of what we are purchasing and what is in our foods.

Making these changes was not an overnight thing, we are still transitioning into this new lifestyle, that’s what it is really, a lifestyle not a new diet. I can say with certainty…IT WORKS!! My husband has been pain and symptom free for a few months now and we are overjoyed!!

How did we get started? Well we started by making a few minor changes at first, antibiotic free milk organic brown eggs, organic coffee beans, organic yogurt and organic vegetables. Then we started with hormone free chicken and grass fed beef. As I started shopping I started to pick up organic condiments, ketchup etc… Again it’s a slow process and we are going into this step by step. Our meal menus have changed and for the most part the kids have embraced our new eating habits….sometimes it does come with resistance and we are selective in those battles….if it’s a meal that I KNOW they won’t appreciate I will compromise and make something they will eat which usually ends up being pasta and sauce!!

The more I read and learn I realize there is no turning back. Certain 'go to' foods I just cannot purchase anymore knowing that in the long run could really affect our health... Going out to eat is a challenge and we have to be really selective with where we chose and what we chose. I realize that I can make some amazing meals at home and so going out to eat has lost it’s novelty.

Here is a peak into our new weekly menu:

• Mediterranean veggie Panini (roasted red pepper hummus, sliced cucumbers, roasted red peppers, lettuce, red onion, feta cheese, sliced tomatoes) with Homemade tomato soup
• Spinach Calzones with blue cheese/ grilled veggies
• Honey mustard pork tenderloin with roasted kale
• Falafel pita/ salad
• Pasta puttanesca/salad
• Grilled chicken/ veggies

Enjoying the Journey!!!