Saturday, May 16, 2009

We have been cleaning out my mam mam’s house recently. And as I went thru each cupboard and each drawer I was feeling sad, not because she’s no longer with us, but because of the things I was finding.

You see in her closets hung coats and clothes with tags on them, she was always waiting for a “special occasion” to wear them. In the kitchen were special serving dishes that had rusted new in the box and I thought “what good are these to her now?” Isn’t every day special, simply because God made it? Why then do we hold back on using things or wearing things for that ‘special’ time, that perfect moment?

I say get up and wear that special dress to do your simple every day errands, make a meal and serve it to your family on those beautiful dishes! Why wait? Scripture tells us that our life is but a “breath” Psalm 144:4 and it also tells us not to “store up treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy” Matthew 6:19

It was a good life lesson for me, and a very teachable moment for the kids. Live everyday as if it were your last...