Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!!

It’s no secret how much I LOVE Christmas! I love birthdays too so having Jesus Birthday to celebrate makes it that much more special…a month long celebration!!! I love the music, I love the smell of a fresh cut tree, I love the twinkling lights and I love decorating the house! This year Hannah and I got to pick the Christmas tree, it was so fun doing that with her. We picked the perfect tree and this year, we got the “marriage saver” tree stand, Ok so that’s not what’s on the package, but it should be! They drill a hole in the trunk and all you do is push this baby on and DONE! NO crawling under the tree to make sure it’s level, no fights saying “more to the left…no more to the right…no more…” We seriously carried the tree in the house and cut the plastic off and DONE! It was up and had the lights on in no time…this photo was taken pre-ornaments.