Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facebook withdraw....

A week with no Facebook……I’m in withdraw for sure!! I was on my page on Monday evening and then poof it went off and I have not been able to log on since. Best part is that facebook can’t find me, I don’t exist in facebook world!! Yet my friends can ‘see’ me... I have loved being on facebook, finding lost friends and keeping connected with new friends and now my time there is over….since they cannot find me. I attempted a new account, but when I enter my email account facebook tells me that an account already exists with that email…….hummm so I do exist, but I’m invisible!!! I’m seeing that M & M commercial they play at Christmas time running thru my mind, where the big M & M sees Santa and says “he does exist” and Santa says “they do exist” and they both fall over…. LOL My husband tells me it’s a good thing, I spent way too much time on there. Little does he know I get things accomplished on there………….ok so I may spend to much time on there but I like it danggit. So until ET returns and takes me to my facebook home….I’m off there for now. :(