Thursday, May 17, 2012

ALL of Him...

WOW it's been a YEAR since I posted!! How sad for me...I love to write! Well here is my God story for the day.... Yesterday (Wed) was a particularly crappy day... seriously it was a day that the song was penned "momma said there'd be days like this" and I was very much unprepared and not feeling particularly loving. So a day without loving feelings is bound to end horribly right?? Well towards the evening I was insistent on going to the grocery store Weis. We attempted once but that got foiled so at 7pm I asked again. Here is the "need to know" part, I am pretty scheduled on what day I do grocery shopping and Wed was not that day, also I almost never ask Dave to join me but for some reason I kept asking so bless his heart he agreed :) We get thru and at the check out the cashier exclaims, "Your the one! The other day, you hugged me, I was having a bad day and you told me you would pray for me and you hugged me and I have to tell you prayer works because the next day I went back to church and my daughter spoke to me" and she proceeded to tell me it was her turn to return the favor and embraced me in a hug. People I am here to tell you it was as if the very arms of God enveloped me at the checkout line at Weis. She has no idea how much I needed that love yesterday and I am so thankful :) God is soo good! On this journey I know I'm not promised days of sunshine and rainbows...there will be some dark clouds but they can NEVER hide the Love of God, HIS love will always break thru!! Have a Blessed day!!!