Saturday, January 31, 2009

my Diva daughter

It seems I always have much to say about my son Josh, but tonight it's all Hannah, my Diva child. I'm not sure where she got her Diva style, totally more nature than nurture 'cause anyone who knows me knows that I'm no fashion plate! LOL Hannah has a style all her own! It's no joke that Hannah loves shoes, I mean LOVES shoes. She is known to trade shoes in church, school pretty much wherever! And now I can add makes her own shoes to the list! Yep, tonight I walked in on Gheppeto's shoe shop in my kitchen. Cardstock...check Tape...check Staples...check a little girl with a creative imagination...CHECK! I'm not sure I should be worried quite yet at the size of the heels she was attempting to create! Who knows maybe someday people will wear her original designs, but for now it's just a prototype and she may have to rethink the cardstock...Patent Pending