Sunday, January 4, 2009

Son of a scrapper....

I am so proud of Josh tonight, even though earlier I wanted to ring his neck!!! Here is why: the kids have been on break from school, and there were days when Josh was "bored out of his mind" and we asked him..."do you have any homework?" Nooooo was his reply. So to my delight (inject sarcasm) he came to me yesterday and said, "Um mom, I have a project due on Monday" And I smiled and hugged him and...NOT I was so mad at him, I refused to help him! He was on his own! So today after church I took a nap,Dave went to work and Josh started working on his project. Oh he did try and wake me several times but I was not helping.... Imagine my delight when I woke up and he had most of the game board finished, complete with rules and cards!! So I softened a little bit and let him use my Cricut Expression to cut out the letters. I think it turned out pretty good!! He is a Son of a Scrapper!!! So proud!!