Friday, February 27, 2009

Ready for the runway...

I have no photos, yet, but I had to write this down! Yesterday I went shopping, by myself, for clothes.

A. I hate to shop for clothes
B. I generally don't have a good fashion sense
C. I almost never go alone.

Those things in mind, I went to the Dress Barn outlet. I was searching for an outfit for an upcoming wedding and my closet is seriously lacking in "nice" outfits. After much trying on and all that fun stuff I found an outfit that I liked!! I loved the feel of the material and the pants are flowy and I felt so pretty! DONE mission accomplished! Came home and my husband gave me a thumbs up as well, actually his eyes said it all, then the smile and head tilt, I know he liked it. I had one more hurdle to conquer, Hannah! When she came home I said Hannah I found an outfit for the wedding and immediately she ran to her room got a pad and a pencil and said, "OK I'm ready, try it on." Odd I thought, paper, pencil?? So I did the runway once again, she scanned me up and down and said, "turn" and then she wrote something in the notebook and held it up, a number 3! I said what's that for, and she said she rated it a 3!! I said well is it 3 out of 5? She said "actually it's out of 10, sorry mommy, I don't like the black socks" LOL I'm not wearing socks with the outfit silly girl, now re-calculate! Life in my house is never dull with the Diva of style!!