Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's date for the record books!

We decided to attend the “Weekend to remember” conference this year at the Hershey Lodge. Since we were so close we commuted and decided to go some place really nice for our “date” nite! I had noticed the Quentin Tavern one evening, the parking lot was full (always a good sign) and several friends said it was really good food and a nice atmosphere! So I went to the web site and checked out all the details, the menu looked great and I called and made reservations for Saturday evening, Valentine’s Day! We had plenty of time to get ready for our evening and decided we better leave early, you never know what traffic would be like and it had started to snow. I love when snow is just beginning to fall, it’s so beautiful and just the thought that no two snowflakes are alike is just amazing. And I gazed into the eyes of the man I love and share this crazy life with…ahhhhhh We pulled into the Tavern, and we were a bit early but decided we’d go in and relax a bit before being seated. Yeah… that didn’t happen, the Host (a grumpy older gentleman) said “well your early and your table is not ready but…” as he grabs two menus, “follow me” and proceeds to weave us thru the first dining area (a quaint room with beautiful antiques) , thru the back of the bar area and seats us in the most lovely area, NOT!!! We were seated at the opening of two major traffic areas in the establishment; I had the lovely view of the back of the bar and to my right the bathroom and common area for all the wait staff to congregate! Deep breath…..and I once again gazed into the eyes of the man I love, who by this time was drooling over the menu…. Which I’m not sure how he held as the wind picked up with all the staff rushing by!! I got the attention of the host and asked very politely, “ Had we have waited, where would we be sitting?” and he said “Ohhh, over there” as he pointed to an even more quaint room with large windows, flickering lights and antiques…sigh…. Once again I gazed into the eyes…. All right that’s it with all the gushy stuff, by now I’m ready to cry and he’s just hungry and its Valentine’s evening and we are here and well we might as well just turn that frown upside down and enjoy the evening! OK OK it’s funny, and probably a classic evening for us so I order my meal and try and relax (and stop shivering) and then…………a party of eight are seated right next to us! Ummmm yeah, four couples and the ring leader is a dead ringer for Ray Romano’s mother on “Everybody loves Raymond”, ….no need to elaborate… Our meals came along with even more laughter. See Dave ordered a steak and coleslaw as a side. Only when his plate arrived the waiter said, “Sir, we are out of coleslaw so we gave you macaroni salad instead” word for word I kid you not!! There was no discussion allowed, no other choices offered! We smiled and burst into laughter, here is the irony, Dave hates macaroni salad!! But I will add that in his hunger, he did eat it and said it was not bad. My meal was pretty good, a seafood mixture in a cream sauce over penne pasta. We finished our meal and quickly made our way out the door, yes we paid! LOL We did have a wonderful evening and lot’s of laughter!! God is good and I’m thankful he chose to bless me with Dave!!

The photos:
1. The Tavern, built in the 1700's
2. Exhibit A; where they sat us
3. Exhibit B; Where we could have been sitting!