Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A day at the Alderson's!! Come on get happy!!!

Ahh a new day, only when my feet hit the floor I was quickly reminded of the day before because it kind of had a painful ending.....Let me rewind! Yesterday started with a phone call that made me sad even a little mad and progressed from there. I went shopping for some specific things and had an ADD moment and came home with only one, well actually nothing on my list! Later Josh got the clothes off the line and threw them on my bed, I went back to fold them and there were stink bugs (brown marmorated stink bugs, google them I dare you) ALL OVER!!! It was so nasty, and I hate bugs to begin with, and Dave was not home so I had to call Josh who is not too fond of them either but he put some rubber gloves on and we flushed them down the toilet!! These bugs are nasty looking things, they don't hurt but man if you squish them, ewe...hence the name "stink bug" I guess they liked my laundry!! After that we got back to our normal evening routine. Got Hannah all snuggled in her bed, one more to go, and then quiet........Only Josh decides to show me how high he can do an axe kick (he's in Karate) in the kitchen, with the fridge door open...are you following....'cause his foot hit the highest shelf on the door which caused it to fall ON MY FOOT and brace yourself, an entire glass jar of minced garlic and all it's contents broke on the kitchen floor!!! Deep breath........technically it was an accident....another deep breath....and I'm on the floor with plastic bags on my hands trying to pick every last piece of minced garlic I could see off the carpet....and Josh decides to check out the other items from the shelf and informs me that our spray butter is a few weeks out of date and wanted to know if he should throw this point I now feel like I'm in a bad cell phone commercial and we have no reception and he's just not getting it!!!!!!!!! I think he got it when I shot a look of death at him, I love those non-verbal ques! He quickly picked up the items and rinsed them in the sink while I scrubbed the floor and doused it with baking soda to draw out the garlic juice. So here comes the funny part, just the other day Dave and I had this conversation during the food networks presentation on garlic fields and he said how much he hated that smell and that he could never work there!! HA!! Boy was he in for a sup rise when he got home from school (it was his late night class)!! LOL
I can say with certainty that baking soda works, I can't smell garlic today, my foot has a nice black reminder of the day and I'll be wearing flip flops for a few days but our house does not smell like an Italian sweat shop so I'm pretty happy!! Note to self: add garlic to grocery list (plastic jar)... Adios for now!!


~~Carrie Ann said...

You have me rolling over here! I can just picture it all...even the stare of death! :)