Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well Here I go!! My First ever blog post!

OK, well finally I am going to make my very first blog post! My dear friend has a blog and I enjoy reading about the crazy things going on in her life and I got to thinking, If I think her life is fun to read, well mine will be 'all that and a bag of chips'! LOL So first thing first, I am really bad with ummmm analogies, see sentence above! LOL For me they make total sense!! So if your going to read my musings you will just have to put up with my poor sarcastic ablilities....

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jennifer and I am 35. I am a SAHM with two beautiful children, Joshua 12 and Hannah 8. I share this life with my husband and best friend, Dave. There is never a dull moment in this house!! I love to be creative! I love to bake and decorate cakes (that I hope NEVER end up on the 'cake wreck' blog). I am passionate about scrapbooking. I even got to go on a scrapbooking 'mission' trip, if you will! How cool is that!! This art form is such an amazing ministry tool, seriously get a few women around a table with pictures of those they love and there is going to be communication and sharing, it really opens doors!! I love to go for walks and I love to play volleyball (well, in my mind I'm still as good as in college, but my body is saying, "oh, heck no girl" LOL)

I hope this blog makes someone smile!! and if anyone has tips on how to make this page look cool , I'm open for any suggestions!!


~~Carrie Ann said...

Welcome to the crazy world of blogging! Trust can get addictive! I'm so happy to see your blog! :) Now, get some layouts posted, STAT!

love you!