Thursday, September 25, 2008

Todays projects

Actually these projects are an extension of last evening, I was making three clipboard gifts and filling and decorating a cake all while watching Criminal Minds and CSI NY. They are my favorite Wed. night shows, although Criminal Minds was a tough one to watch, I really thought my man was a goner and whew that would have ruined my entire being!! Oh, wait, that's just a TV show, what am I saying!! KIDDING! Anyway, I wanted to make the three pee-wee coaches a special 'lil something. They have all been so good to Hannah, even when she would not speak!! Oh yeah, I guess that story is worth telling. Hannah is super shy and it takes her some time to open up and feel comfortable talking and she was never one to be in the "spotlight". So when she came home the end of last school year and said she wanted to be a cheerleader Dave and I kinda scratched our heads but embraced her decision! The first month of practice was learning the motions and the chants and well, Hannah did all the motions but there was no way she was going to yell. So everyday we would pick her up from practice one of the coaches would walk up to us and very kindly say "she needs to talk" which finally turned in to "she needs to at least move her lips" (I guess there is not much of a need for a mute cheerleader??) So we would encourage her, pray over her and with her every day and still nothing. Game day arrived and Dave dropped her off, he was heading for a seat and he heard her yell her name, stopped him in his tracks as well as all three coaches!! From then on, she's been cheering her heart out and it has been the best confidence booster for her! It's trickled over into her classroom as well, she now volunteers to read in front of the class!! We Praise God for this and we are thankful for three ladies that He chose to use!! Thank you Coach Amy, Angi and Kelly we love you!!! I really hope they like their clipboards!! My other project was a cake, a strawberry cream filled white cake with butter cream icing. That is for a teacher luncheon at school. I love to bake and decorate, so I played a little with the icing, I'm preparing to make a three tier birthday cake second weekend in Oct. and I wanted to practice smoothing out the butter cream and making swirls, kinda. I chose orange because the school colors! LOL Just having fun! Enjoy!